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Zaffineria invites its guests to a range of “educational entertainment” that have as their theme and narrative mainly saffron, but also the rural and mountainous territory of Abruzzo. In this session, we present BIOART project , which you can also find in our PRODUCTS page with handmade works of artistic craftsmanship, drawn exclusively from the Abruzzo’s region and related to the cultural background of the work’s creators. The main materials proposed for the realization of handmade works presented on the site and the starting point for the experiential tour of our visitors range from ceramics, to Majella’s soft stone, to wood, iron but also yarns for crocheting or embroidery. Guests can experience directly, and friendly, the environment they decided to explore, spontaneously confronting with the locals. The suggested activities refer to a concept of lifestyles that want to be in total agreement with Nature and with ethno-historical recovery of our social identity through the illustration of material’s techniques and processing of Abruzzo’s products in small farms or by artisan and local. Interactively, it wants to describe a way of life and to experience that encourages us to make decisions in an intelligent, responsible and spontaneous way, inspired by a harmonious and universal welfare, which directs our ethical choices towards a positive impact on ourselves and on our planet through the exchange of knowledge and emotions. Hence the project’s name BIOART.

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Saffron is planted in August. Guests will be invited to Zaffineria to participate in the planting of saffron crocuses, which is totally hand made. After a mutual acquaintance of the visitors with the author of the project, we will travel together to the “zafferaneto” with a scenic walk where climatic and geographical features of the area will be explained. Guests will be asked to “dirty their hands”, after showing hem the manual method of planting crocuses and assigning each one of them a small piece of land on which to plant them. Each planted space will be named after the person who did worked on it and throughout the year we will send photos via WhatsApp, or publishing them directly in Zaffineria’s website and social means, showing the growth of cultivated plants directly from our host . As peasants used to do during their break from work in the fields, so we will propose to our “fellow adventurers” a picnic in which they will taste saffron-based delights while exchange their first impressions on the experience in progress.


During this time guests will be totally involved in the fascinating event of the harvest and “sfioritura” of saffron. Early in the morning, after a mutual acquaintance at Zaffineria, we will travel to zafferaneto (the saffron field), where immersed in an unusual and extraordinary reality, they will harvest beautiful flowers. After harvesting, they will return at Casa Zaffineria where they will continue in the long and fascinating processing and drying of saffron. This process includes the “sfioritura”, during which it will be tought to our guests how to extract the pistils from the saffron flower petals and then they will be invited to do the same thing. Once completed the “sfioritura” operation, the next step will be to dry the spice, totally natural process to be executed on the embers of the home’s fireplace. All participants will first hand experience a rare, delicate, precise and fascinating event and effectively and directly follow all the steps of our traditional method of harvesting and drying the cultivation of saffron mixed with Abruzzo’s everyday lifestyle, family and country’s rhythms of our region. To make everything even more exciting, the lunch will be made entirely with saffron- based dishes and it will be relish all together while gathering impressions and observations on the experience just lived; real mutual enrichment!


During this time, guests can experience directly the pruning of olive trees. We will meet at Zaffineria for mutual understanding, then we will go to the olive groves where guests will meet a local farmer experienced in planting, pruning and harvesting of trees. He will explain the oldest agricultural practice while highlighting the evolutionary differences with contemporary techniques. You will enjoy a blooming spring landscape while participating in an authentically everyday Abruzzo’s lifestyle, in a sphere of reality in which to try alternative ways of our daily lives. Guests will be featured in a job that puts you in direct contact the raw material to be processed, the olive tree that is alive, with a more urban experience, a dynamic that brings together more actually compared. They will find out rhythms and efforts away from the town everyday life. Everything will be emphasized with the classic “country break”, where all participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves even more with our customs and traditions thanks to a picnic with saffron-based dishes. It will therefore be a convivial moment able to retrace the actions of a past lifestyle into the present.

Handmade atelier beer

Thanks to a brewery expert who will illustrate the brewing process with the craftsman method, guests will be able to experience a direct and authentic experience. It will be the spectators who are attending a job, the one to make saffron beer. There is a tasting of food accompanied by the taste and texture of the drink.